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The range of courses we offer

  • Intensive courses (3, 4 or 5 days in the workshop & 1 day on farms for tool demonstrations and adjustments). In these courses, farmers build larger, more complex tools (for example machinery to work on permanent beds). Retour ligne automatique
  • Open work days where everyone brings a tool to adapt, repair or work on. Novices who do not have their own tools can also take part and learn metalwork.Retour ligne automatique
  • Introductory courses to make smaller self-built tools (for example a wheel hoe) or to explore basic tractor mechanics, maintenance and repair. Retour ligne automatique
  • Participatory work days on farms to convert all of the farm’s agricultural machinery to a quick hitch triangle, or work days for prototyping tools, following a design produced by a working groupRetour ligne automatique
  • “Architecture for small scale farming” courses where farmers can design their own agricultural buildings and prepare their self-built construction project Retour ligne automatique
  • Introductory 2 day courses on Computer-Aided Design. With 3D CAD you can design complex tools, ensure the kinematic of the overall structure and quickly calculate its weight to create designs which can then be disseminated.