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Training courses

Reclaiming skills to create self-sufficient farming systems

In our training courses, you can learn or improve on your metalwork skills (welding, cutting, drilling, etc) and get a tool at reduced price in the process. You can also take part in the training course just to learn or build up your skills, without taking a tool home with you. The training programme is the same in both cases, as the tools are built together by the team.

Our aim is to contribute to the technical and economic self-sufficiency of organic farmers, and more generally to promote the re-appropriation of farming skills.

Self-build training courses allow farmers to construct their own personalised tools which are adapted to their cultivation practices as well as affordable. What’s more, a farmer who has built his/her own tool will also be able to repair, adjust and modify it.

Training courses are spaces where farmers can share their experiences and exchange ideas about their agricultural practices. This is the first step towards building a network of self-sufficient farmers, who can contact one another via our forum or on the phone, on farm visits or in local working groups… The courses are also opportunities to make friends!

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