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How much does it cost ?

In France, every worker (whether self-employed or an employee) is obliged to contribute towards a state training fund. In return, these credits allow workers to train throughout their career. These funds, named Vivea and Fafsea, pay for the partial or total teaching cost of the training courses.

Atelier Paysan cost their teaching time at €29 + VAT per hour and participant. This includes preparation and facilitation of the course, travel expenses and workshop hire.

Besides teaching costs, partially or fully funded by state credits, all course participants need to pay :

  • a contribution towards the depreciation of machinery : € 25 per day +VAT
  • a contribution to support the running of the cooperative and research and development work : between €50 and €150 +VAT per course

For those who wish to make their own tool (on top of the cost of the materials, agricultural parts, screws, etc) :

  • consumable materials (electrodes, grinding and buffing discs) : €15 +VAT per day
  • delivery : €50 to €70 +VAT for larger tools