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Bulk orders

Atelier Paysan orders materials in bulk for training courses. This reduces the cost of raw materials and makes it more affordable for farmers to acquire agricultural equipment which is adapted to their needs.

Atelier Paysan takes a mark up on the resale of materials ordered in bulk, whilst ensuring they remain affordable. The money goes towards research and development, and the distribution of open source agricultural equipment - activities which benefit us all! In this way, our trading activity means that more tools and machinery can be documented, adapted and disseminated as open source designs. The archive of farm-based inventions, and the tutorials available on our website are examples of what can be financed through our trading activity. Both farmers and the cooperative gain from this.

The quick hitch triangle

Bulk orders of materials and parts for the quick hitch triangle are now available for purchase. We also have a technical drawing to build the quick hitch triangle, but for this specific tool, we advise you to buy the male and female triangle parts from the manufacturers.

Example of rates:
▶ Category 2 triangle: € 134,63 + VAT
▶ Category 1 triangle: € 129,15 + VAT
▶ Category 0 triangle: € 173,99 + VAT
▶ Female triangle for categories 1, 2 and 3: € 50,43 + VAT
▶ Female triangles for categories 0: € 50,69 + VAT

Welding equipment

We also sell sets of equipment for metalwork to make it more affordable for farmers to have their own on-site workshop.

> See our order form for welding equipment